MTAC Cross Country Meet – Hermitage 9-17-18
Overall Finish List
September 17, 2018
Results by A Matter of Timing

Lower Elementary K-2 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Maddie Hollis21691 F Female 99 and Under6:14Oak Hill
2Ruth Holliday21682 F Female 99 and Under6:18Oak Hill
3Sophia Gable223 F Female 99 and Under6:29Christian Community
4Sophia Degrasse63424 F Female 99 and Under6:40New Hope Academy
5Amy Acosta23365 F Female 99 and Under6:51New Hope Academy
6Lilly Beth Baker21656 F Female 99 and Under7:03Oak Hill
7Corrin Alford2297 F Female 99 and Under7:06FH Jenkins Prep
8Addison Gable218 F Female 99 and Under7:06Christian Community
9Caroline Pfeffer21729 F Female 99 and Under7:09Oak Hill
10Lila SievekingK17510 F Female 99 and Under7:19Oak Hill
11Audrey Harrison534311 F Female 99 and Under7:19New Hope Academy
12Gabi Biancheri27112 F Female 99 and Under7:20Franklin Classical School
13Belle Pereira217113 F Female 99 and Under7:22Oak Hill
14Macie Rouse217314 F Female 99 and Under7:25Oak Hill
15Avery Switzer217715 F Female 99 and Under7:36Oak Hill
16Jaylyn Ford116616 F Female 99 and Under8:10Oak Hill
17Victoria Lester212017 F Female 99 and Under8:13Lighthouse Christian
18Mercy Williams212218 F Female 99 and Under8:25Lighthouse Christian
19Marielys Vargas233919 F Female 99 and Under8:27New Hope Academy
20Geneva Saunders117420 F Female 99 and Under8:32Oak Hill
21Alice Perkins116721 F Female 99 and Under8:35Oak Hill
22Selana Greer111622 F Female 99 and Under8:37Lighthouse Christian
23Victoria Dyer23023 F Female 99 and Under8:40FH Jenkins Prep
24Vivian Stubblefield27324 F Female 99 and Under8:41Franklin Classical School
25Grayson Bell434025 F Female 99 and Under8:50New Hope Academy
26Mya Otis112126 F Female 99 and Under8:58Lighthouse Christian
27McKenna Greene27227 F Female 99 and Under9:15Franklin Classical School
28Rebecca Dodd211128 F Female 99 and Under9:20Lighthouse Christian
29Grace WilliamsK12329 F Female 99 and Under9:24Lighthouse Christian
30Olivia Lester111930 F Female 99 and Under9:27Lighthouse Christian
31Sydney Bonner233731 F Female 99 and Under10:08New Hope Academy
32Harper YoungK17832 F Female 99 and Under10:19Oak Hill
33Malia Jones211733 F Female 99 and Under10:35Lighthouse Christian
34Maria Pukl133834 F Female 99 and Under10:43New Hope Academy
35Ella Kate Brown111835 F Female 99 and Under10:58Lighthouse Christian
36Zoe Greer111536 F Female 99 and Under11:02Lighthouse Christian
37Hannah DoddK11237 F Female 99 and Under11:19Lighthouse Christian
38Harmony Fulks111338 F Female 99 and Under11:22Lighthouse Christian
39Timbre Fulks211439 F Female 99 and Under11:32Lighthouse Christian

Lower Elementary K-2 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Byrd WoodardK2231 M Male 99 and Under5:33Oak Hill
2Ben Deerkoski12082 M Male 99 and Under5:41Oak Hill
3Cason Wilbert22223 M Male 99 and Under5:50Oak Hill
4Robert Sawyer12184 M Male 99 and Under5:59Oak Hill
5Pierce Newman12155 M Male 99 and Under6:16Oak Hill
6Charlie Cox12076 M Male 99 and Under6:26Oak Hill
7Wesley Russell2167 M Male 99 and Under6:27Christian Community
8Aaron Nix2148 M Male 99 and Under6:30Christian Community
9Bo Yezerski23519 M Male 99 and Under6:35New Hope Academy
10Oliver Sawyer130210 M Male 99 and Under6:38Western Kentucky
11Christian Mitchell215211 M Male 99 and Under6:39Lighthouse Christian
12Lamar Shealer115312 M Male 99 and Under6:41Lighthouse Christian
13Charlie Nord121613 M Male 99 and Under6:42Oak Hill
14McLean Baker220314 M Male 99 and Under6:56Oak Hill
15Grant Runquist21515 M Male 99 and Under7:12Christian Community
16Max Schlosser121916 M Male 99 and Under7:31Oak Hill
17Watson Vernier122117 M Male 99 and Under7:32Oak Hill
18Drew Gardner121118 M Male 99 and Under7:33Oak Hill
19Hines McGuigan121419 M Male 99 and Under7:49Oak Hill
20Colton Mayo21320 M Male 99 and Under7:53Christian Community
21Kingston Murphy135021 M Male 99 and Under8:01New Hope Academy
22Thomas Chanthavong214722 M Male 99 and Under8:12Lighthouse Christian
23Kaden Woodard215423 M Male 99 and Under8:20Lighthouse Christian
24Zane EumK14924 M Male 99 and Under8:20Lighthouse Christian
25Griffin Burns120525 M Male 99 and Under8:38Oak Hill
26Colin McIntyreK8626 M Male 99 and Under8:45Franklin Classical School
27William CollierK4127 M Male 99 and Under8:56FH Jenkins Prep
28Elijah Hasley129128 M Male 99 and Under9:14West Academy
29Gabriel HasleyK29229 M Male 99 and Under9:23West Academy
30Monte Lester Jr. "MJ"K15130 M Male 99 and Under9:30Lighthouse Christian
31Jackson HarrK21231 M Male 99 and Under9:43Oak Hill
32Hudson HensleyK21332 M Male 99 and Under9:44Oak Hill
33Brighton Edwards134933 M Male 99 and Under9:45New Hope Academy
34Finley DunphyK1234 M Male 99 and Under9:47Christian Community
35Brice WilcoxK4435 M Male 99 and Under9:54FH Jenkins Prep
36Emmanuel Rowe14236 M Male 99 and Under10:11FH Jenkins Prep
37Jacob Alejandro134837 M Male 99 and Under10:22New Hope Academy
38Grayson Anderson23838 M Male 99 and Under10:36FH Jenkins Prep
39Isaac AndersonK3939 M Male 99 and Under10:48FH Jenkins Prep
40Christopher Ervin214840 M Male 99 and Under11:21Lighthouse Christian

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Maggie Baker41801 F Female 99 and Under6:58
2Anna Byrns Ragle31912 F Female 99 and Under7:02
3Lila Welch41943 F Female 99 and Under7:35
4Adelaide Ritter41924 F Female 99 and Under7:37
5Marilyn Stubblefield3785 F Female 99 and Under7:49
6Ella Baker41816 F Female 99 and Under8:27
7Mary Martha Nord41907 F Female 99 and Under8:50
8Jamyla Duke31278 F Female 99 and Under9:02
9Lizze BethurumK1839 F Female 99 and Under9:17
10Georgia Wolter319510 F Female 99 and Under9:32
11Annabel Kurtz37611 F Female 99 and Under9:41
12Halen DeGodt37512 F Female 99 and Under9:43
13Brionna Lucas329313 F Female 99 and Under10:14
14Maggie Kate Cowles418514 F Female 99 and Under10:20
15Lily Felts3315 F Female 99 and Under10:35
16Alexa Biancheri47416 F Female 99 and Under10:57
17Camilla Madriz313117 F Female 99 and Under11:00
18Jael Rowe43118 F Female 99 and Under12:08
19Maddie Alford217919 F Female 99 and Under12:10
20Avelyn Kavanagh313020 F Female 99 and Under12:11
21Lizzie Griffin318821 F Female 99 and Under12:12
22Bonnibell Szabo313322 F Female 99 and Under12:18
23Layni Scarbrough313223 F Female 99 and Under12:22
24Janie Claybrooks312624 F Female 99 and Under12:36
25Shiloh Greer312925 F Female 99 and Under13:13
26Kermina Awad312426 F Female 99 and Under13:20
27LucaSophia Gates312827 F Female 99 and Under13:20
28Paula Prada-Mendez334128 F Female 99 and Under13:42
29Maricelys Benitez312529 F Female 99 and Under14:07

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Jack Ketchel42311 M Male 99 and Under6:50Oak Hill
2Ethan Devaughn3482 M Male 99 and Under7:02FH Jenkins Prep
3Jeremiah Marsh4493 M Male 99 and Under7:05FH Jenkins Prep
4Dino Woodard32364 M Male 99 and Under7:08Oak Hill
5Lock Ross32355 M Male 99 and Under7:08Oak Hill
6Jeyden Muniz31586 M Male 99 and Under7:12Lighthouse Christian
7Ron Pfeffer42347 M Male 99 and Under7:15Oak Hill
8Jackson Nickoloff42328 M Male 99 and Under7:19Oak Hill
9Nathan Embry53049 M Male 99 and Under7:32Western Kentucky
10Xavier Brunswick430310 M Male 99 and Under7:35Western Kentucky
11Asher Cornelius422511 M Male 99 and Under7:54Oak Hill
12Charlie Griffin422712 M Male 99 and Under8:03Oak Hill
13Michael Pereira423313 M Male 99 and Under8:12Oak Hill
14Keston Ashmeade4514 M Male 99 and Under8:30FH Jenkins Prep
15Daniel Cox322615 M Male 99 and Under8:36Oak Hill
16Aidan Chunn44716 M Male 99 and Under8:37FH Jenkins Prep
17Baker Lawrence31817 M Male 99 and Under8:38Christian Community
18Henry Henry Schirm322918 M Male 99 and Under8:49Oak Hill
19Caleb Bell315519 M Male 99 and Under8:54Lighthouse Christian
20Charlie Bethurum422420 M Male 99 and Under9:12Oak Hill
21Ryan Harr422821 M Male 99 and Under9:16Oak Hill
22Trey Burns48822 M Male 99 and Under9:33Franklin Classical School
23Kazden Jones335223 M Male 99 and Under9:36New Hope Academy
24peyton Sawyer330524 M Male 99 and Under9:53Western Kentucky
25Josiah Sejour45025 M Male 99 and Under10:47FH Jenkins Prep
26Seth Chunn44626 M Male 99 and Under11:01FH Jenkins Prep
27Dallas Kizer315727 M Male 99 and Under12:47Lighthouse Christian
28Samuel Gillespie31728 M Male 99 and Under13:07Christian Community
29Alex Douglas315629 M Male 99 and Under13:50Lighthouse Christian
30Dylan Otis315930 M Male 99 and Under13:51Lighthouse Christian

Middle School 5-8 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Lyla Schick62001 F Female 99 and Under14:13Oak Hill
2Lilly Holliday61992 F Female 99 and Under14:13Oak Hill
3Reagan Conn72643 F Female 99 and Under15:21Riverside Christian Academy
4Emma Stephens62014 F Female 99 and Under15:25Oak Hill
5Annabelle McClung6825 F Female 99 and Under15:53Franklin Classical School
6Kiri Stengele8606 F Female 99 and Under16:05Franklin Christian Academy
7Carly Crockett81017 F Female 99 and Under16:20Highland Rim Academy
8Anna Whiteaker81038 F Female 99 and Under16:20Highland Rim Academy
9Camden Billups51969 F Female 99 and Under16:55Oak Hill
10Brinlee Bradford626310 F Female 99 and Under17:14Riverside Christian Academy
11Savannah Richardson627711 F Female 99 and Under18:22TN Heat
12Estella Sergio610212 F Female 99 and Under18:23Highland Rim Academy
13Juliana Lewis (Juju)714013 F Female 99 and Under18:47Lighthouse Christian
14Abby Wolf7914 F Female 99 and Under18:56Christian Community
15Carlie Runquist7715 F Female 99 and Under19:03Christian Community
16Claire Pierantoni629916 F Female 99 and Under19:13Western Kentucky
17Shea Brunswick629417 F Female 99 and Under19:13Western Kentucky
18Sophia Burt729518 F Female 99 and Under19:19Western Kentucky
19Emily Conner731619 F Female 99 and Under19:50Franklin Road Christian
20Gracie Tidwell632020 F Female 99 and Under19:51Franklin Road Christian
21Lucy Bain626121 F Female 99 and Under19:54Riverside Christian Academy
22Madisyn Pride514422 F Female 99 and Under19:57Lighthouse Christian
23Rachel Baker826223 F Female 99 and Under20:05Riverside Christian Academy
24Camryn Crockett610024 F Female 99 and Under20:20Highland Rim Academy
25Savannah Edwards513625 F Female 99 and Under20:46Lighthouse Christian
26Shannon Lamb513926 F Female 99 and Under20:49Lighthouse Christian
27Wesley Summerville634727 F Female 99 and Under20:55New Hope Academy
28Scarlett Park514228 F Female 99 and Under21:03Lighthouse Christian
29Staton Carr624929 F Female 99 and Under21:11Pleasant View Christian School
30Sophie Haese731830 F Female 99 and Under22:33Franklin Road Christian
31Emma Brown513531 F Female 99 and Under22:33Lighthouse Christian
32Mackenzie McIntyre514132 F Female 99 and Under22:34Lighthouse Christian
33Rory Lewis625133 F Female 99 and Under22:47Pleasant View Christian School
34Camdyn Hamlin625034 F Female 99 and Under22:50Pleasant View Christian School
35Olivia Phillips614335 F Female 99 and Under22:53Lighthouse Christian
36Andrea Martinez829836 F Female 99 and Under23:01Western Kentucky
37Rachel Denman53337 F Female 99 and Under23:30FH Jenkins Prep
38Madisyn Brannon827638 F Female 99 and Under23:31TN Heat
39Kiera Jenkins634439 F Female 99 and Under23:32New Hope Academy
40Eleanor Pals634540 F Female 99 and Under23:45New Hope Academy
41Ava Grace Bell513841 F Female 99 and Under23:45Lighthouse Christian
42Jillian Bender79542 F Female 99 and Under23:46Franklin Classical School
43Kaelynn Lucas529743 F Female 99 and Under23:47Western Kentucky
44Ivy Whitten8844 F Female 99 and Under24:20Christian Community
45Desirae Owens6645 F Female 99 and Under24:34Christian Community
46Isabella Villanuova714646 F Female 99 and Under24:50Lighthouse Christian
47Claire Walther530047 F Female 99 and Under25:25Western Kentucky
48Olivia Brentlinger7448 F Female 99 and Under26:06Christian Community
49Maddie Greene58049 F Female 99 and Under26:16Franklin Classical School
50Laniya Stanley614550 F Female 99 and Under26:35Lighthouse Christian
51Marielis Benitez613451 F Female 99 and Under26:37Lighthouse Christian
52Natalie Ramirez85952 F Female 99 and Under28:48Franklin Christian Academy
53Hannah McDougald6553 F Female 99 and Under28:51Christian Community
54Samantha Houck529654 F Female 99 and Under29:39Western Kentucky
55Farrin Shelton534655 F Female 99 and Under33:50New Hope Academy

Middle School 5-8 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Sam Sergio81061 M Male 99 and Under12:42Highland Rim Academy
2Jack Oakley71052 M Male 99 and Under12:43Highland Rim Academy
3Tripp Walker83303 M Male 99 and Under12:50Franklin Road Christian
4Jason Glaskox82804 M Male 99 and Under12:50TN Heat
5Benjamin Henry Conner5225 M Male 99 and Under13:36Christian Community
6Cade Sturdivant52476 M Male 99 and Under13:43Oak Hill
7Porter Ragle52457 M Male 99 and Under13:59Oak Hill
8Parker Applegate83258 M Male 99 and Under14:05Franklin Road Christian
9Malcolm Vick81079 M Male 99 and Under14:40Highland Rim Academy
10William Brittain89310 M Male 99 and Under14:40Franklin Classical School
11Camren Bean85211 M Male 99 and Under15:01FH Jenkins Prep
12John Ingram832812 M Male 99 and Under15:06Franklin Road Christian
13Andrew Ingram632713 M Male 99 and Under15:09Franklin Road Christian
14Brighton Bain526914 M Male 99 and Under15:18Riverside Christian Academy
15Caleb Kirkland624415 M Male 99 and Under15:20Oak Hill
16Isaac Spencer732916 M Male 99 and Under15:23Franklin Road Christian
17Aidan Barton78917 M Male 99 and Under15:47Franklin Classical School
18Miles Bernard72018 M Male 99 and Under16:15Christian Community
19Garrett Merchant825419 M Male 99 and Under16:22Pleasant View Christian School
20Andrew Embry830720 M Male 99 and Under16:33Western Kentucky
21Jeremiah Bradford75321 M Male 99 and Under16:37FH Jenkins Prep
22Nolan Merchant625322 M Male 99 and Under16:41Pleasant View Christian School
23Amare Pritchett75523 M Male 99 and Under17:02FH Jenkins Prep
24Daylin Alford55124 M Male 99 and Under17:08FH Jenkins Prep
25Keaton Kurtz59525 M Male 99 and Under17:26Franklin Classical School
26Andrew Brittain69226 M Male 99 and Under17:53Franklin Classical School
27Patrick Canning832627 M Male 99 and Under18:17Franklin Road Christian
28Timmy Lewis816128 M Male 99 and Under18:18Lighthouse Christian
29Ian Bryant72129 M Male 99 and Under18:22Christian Community
30Wes Twining728330 M Male 99 and Under18:35TN Heat
31Christian Brand75431 M Male 99 and Under18:42FH Jenkins Prep
32Ephriam Shoemaker625532 M Male 99 and Under18:45Pleasant View Christian School
33Michael Sejour65733 M Male 99 and Under18:53FH Jenkins Prep
34Drew Lucas830834 M Male 99 and Under19:20Western Kentucky
35Andrew McCart727135 M Male 99 and Under19:32Riverside Christian Academy
36Simon Walther830936 M Male 99 and Under19:33Western Kentucky
37Gustavo Culp89437 M Male 99 and Under20:20Franklin Classical School
38Trentyn Hayes727038 M Male 99 and Under20:24Riverside Christian Academy
39David VanLiere69839 M Male 99 and Under20:31Franklin Classical School
40JD Bashian523840 M Male 99 and Under20:45Oak Hill
41Tyrone Robertson5641 M Male 99 and Under20:54FH Jenkins Prep
42Isaiah Patterson728142 M Male 99 and Under20:55TN Heat
43Matthew Embry730643 M Male 99 and Under22:15Western Kentucky
44Sawyer Caldemayer810444 M Male 99 and Under22:56Highland Rim Academy
45Jonathan Claybrooks516045 M Male 99 and Under23:12Lighthouse Christian
46John Ten Napel69746 M Male 99 and Under26:13Franklin Classical School
47Lane Phelps72347 M Male 99 and Under33:36Christian Community
48Demetrius Todd Pope535448 M Male 99 and Under34:05New Hope Academy
49Daniel Bryant910849 M Male 99 and Under58:55Highland Rim Academy

High School 9-12 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Alex Benson12611 F Female 99 and Under21:18Franklin Christian Academy
2Carlie Richey9632 F Female 99 and Under24:41Franklin Christian Academy
3Alicia Lemley112663 F Female 99 and Under25:21Riverside Christian Academy
4Sabrina Rascoe102674 F Female 99 and Under25:21Riverside Christian Academy
5Kamden Speegle102685 F Female 99 and Under26:06Riverside Christian Academy
6Eliana Dhinsdsa9626 F Female 99 and Under26:50Franklin Christian Academy
7Becca Thomas123017 F Female 99 and Under26:55Western Kentucky
8Emma Howell92658 F Female 99 and Under30:42Riverside Christian Academy
9Madison Taylor122529 F Female 99 and Under31:38Pleasant View Christian School
10Maddie Alcorn1232110 F Female 99 and Under32:21Franklin Road Christian
11Kailyn Perry1032411 F Female 99 and Under34:39Franklin Road Christian
12Eliana LaBerge108312 F Female 99 and Under34:56Franklin Classical School
13Kate VanLiere98513 F Female 99 and Under37:35Franklin Classical School
14Elise Bender79414 F Female 99 and Under39:44Franklin Classical School
15Taylor Benson927815 F Female 99 and Under39:48TN Heat
16Rose Bell1132216 F Female 99 and Under42:10Franklin Road Christian
17Kristen Pease932317 F Female 99 and Under48:22Franklin Road Christian
18Madisyn Prestenbach101018 F Female 99 and Under49:21Christian Community

High School 9-12 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameGradeBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTeam Name
1Jonathan Pitonyak123141 M Male 99 and Under19:09Western Kentucky
2Reno Hardison122852 M Male 99 and Under20:00TN Heat
3Carson Goode102733 M Male 99 and Under20:43Riverside Christian Academy
4Ian Bonner102724 M Male 99 and Under20:50Riverside Christian Academy
5Maverick Mangrum92865 M Male 99 and Under21:07TN Heat
6Eli Norman92886 M Male 99 and Under21:18TN Heat
7Kyle Bednar12647 M Male 99 and Under21:18Franklin Christian Academy
8Dylan Sells93358 M Male 99 and Under21:20Franklin Road Christian
9Nick Lauer93319 M Male 99 and Under21:59Franklin Road Christian
10Glenn Sawyer1031510 M Male 99 and Under23:04Western Kentucky
11Gage Lesko1210911 M Male 99 and Under23:10Highland Rim Academy
12Josiah Philip933312 M Male 99 and Under23:31Franklin Road Christian
13Aidan Hoesel106613 M Male 99 and Under23:33Franklin Christian Academy
14Caleb Lemley927414 M Male 99 and Under23:37Riverside Christian Academy
15Michael (MAC) May.1028715 M Male 99 and Under23:59TN Heat
16David Paddon1028916 M Male 99 and Under24:19TN Heat
17Jackson Carr1225617 M Male 99 and Under25:29Pleasant View Christian School
18Zeb Corum106518 M Male 99 and Under25:58Franklin Christian Academy
19Thomas McGrath1133219 M Male 99 and Under26:02Franklin Road Christian
20Joe Foster1025720 M Male 99 and Under26:16Pleasant View Christian School
21Caleb Philip1133421 M Male 99 and Under26:35Franklin Road Christian
22Kaleb Sileshi96722 M Male 99 and Under27:11Franklin Christian Academy
23John Brentlinger92423 M Male 99 and Under29:26Christian Community
24Evan Sproat1026024 M Male 99 and Under29:48Pleasant View Christian School
25Brian Tannahill96825 M Male 99 and Under30:22Franklin Christian Academy
26Hollister Hamlin1025826 M Male 99 and Under30:32Pleasant View Christian School
27Gareth Eller112527 M Male 99 and Under30:34Christian Community
28Mason Reeder1025928 M Male 99 and Under30:56Pleasant View Christian School
29Isaiah Gupton1028429 M Male 99 and Under31:50TN Heat
30Seth Gifford102830 M Male 99 and Under35:12Christian Community
31Sameul Engel102631 M Male 99 and Under35:31Christian Community
32Mathew Widdows97032 M Male 99 and Under39:28Franklin Christian Academy
33Ed Ten Napel99933 M Male 99 and Under39:46Franklin Classical School
34Henry Pierantoni931334 M Male 99 and Under42:05Western Kentucky