Cross Country Meet Results – 2016

National Homeschool XC Championship
Overall Finish List
November 12, 2016
Results by A Matter of Timing

Exhibition Lower Elementary & Middle School

PlaceDivision NameNameBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Exhibition Lower ElementaryAbigail Armstrong3591 F Female 99 and Under7:38
1Exhibition Middle SchoolLindsey Armstrong3601 F Female 99 and Under13:33
2Exhibition Middle SchoolHannah Smart3622 F Female 99 and Under14:29
3Exhibition Middle SchoolTessa Brown3613 F Female 99 and Under15:31

Lower Elementary K-2 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Raegan BraegelmannLake Cumberland Runners1791 F Female 99 and Under5:18
2Evelyn GullettLake Cumberland Runners1802 F Female 99 and Under5:49
3Eliana SvobodaLake Cumberland Runners1843 F Female 99 and Under5:50
4Ellie RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1064 F Female 99 and Under5:57
5Darcy BlantonLake Cumberland Runners1785 F Female 99 and Under6:13
6Cora CliftonWest Academy Home School Sports3156 F Female 99 and Under6:13
7Delia WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1107 F Female 99 and Under6:21
8Bella RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1048 F Female 99 and Under6:23
9Ashley StonehockerAugusta Eagles CC89 F Female 99 and Under6:29
10Julianna HamiltonTupelo Spartans28810 F Female 99 and Under6:42
11Hadley MaxwellKonos Academy16811 F Female 99 and Under7:03
12Julia ThomasKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo10912 F Female 99 and Under7:06
13Emilee ButlerAERO Homeschool40013 F Female 99 and Under7:18
14Mary Elizabeth RagsdaleTate Titans25214 F Female 99 and Under7:30
15Symphony SwickKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo10815 F Female 99 and Under7:30
16Bethany SchultzKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo10716 F Female 99 and Under7:43
17Ruby RobertsSovereign Grace39017 F Female 99 and Under8:00
18Presley StonehockerAugusta Eagles CC39918 F Female 99 and Under8:41
19Bella BisknerSovereign Grace39219 F Female 99 and Under8:42
20Abby JohnsonSovereign Grace39120 F Female 99 and Under8:46

Lower Elementary K-2 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Jackson WestbrookAugusta Eagles CC101 M Male 99 and Under5:10
2Edan HodsonKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1032 M Male 99 and Under5:15
3Elijah KimbroWest Academy Home School Sports3163 M Male 99 and Under5:45
4Owen JacobsLake Cumberland Runners1824 M Male 99 and Under5:46
5Easton SmithWest Academy Home School Sports3185 M Male 99 and Under6:00
6Beau BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports3146 M Male 99 and Under6:06
7Sawyer CookKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1027 M Male 99 and Under6:11
8Evan LiddleLake Cumberland Runners1838 M Male 99 and Under6:17
9Clark HoustonTate Titans2519 M Male 99 and Under6:45
10Reid HendricksKonos Academy16710 M Male 99 and Under6:49
11Luke BrackneyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo10111 M Male 99 and Under6:56
12Thomas HasaleuElk Lake Indians4712 M Male 99 and Under7:01
13Grant WestbrookAugusta Eagles CC913 M Male 99 and Under7:02
14Roman WestbrookAugusta Eagles CC1114 M Male 99 and Under7:35
15Eli PoskevichWest Academy Home School Sports31715 M Male 99 and Under7:40
16Valor RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo10516 M Male 99 and Under7:55

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Lily DoddChattanooga Patriots431 F Female 99 and Under6:30
2Skylar GamlenChattanooga Patriots442 F Female 99 and Under6:32
3Mackenzie MayerKonos Academy1713 F Female 99 and Under6:40
4Macaiah RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1194 F Female 99 and Under6:44
5Lydia McFallKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1165 F Female 99 and Under6:59
6Anna Michelson3516 F Female 99 and Under7:20
7Rowan KavliWest Academy Home School Sports3217 F Female 99 and Under7:33
8Kaylee McKimeySovereign Grace3978 F Female 99 and Under7:57
9Talulah WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1239 F Female 99 and Under8:03
10Morgan WilliamsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12110 F Female 99 and Under8:09
11Lavender SwickKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12011 F Female 99 and Under8:13
12Elizabeth HoustonTate Titans25512 F Female 99 and Under8:27
13Emelyn WestChattanooga Patriots4613 F Female 99 and Under8:29
14Evelyn JaraFlames Homeschool Team5514 F Female 99 and Under8:39
15Maggy ActonNewroc Rockets19315 F Female 99 and Under8:47
16Heidi HasaleuElk Lake Indians4816 F Female 99 and Under8:54
17Anna CoykendallKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo11317 F Female 99 and Under9:00
18Emily OsbornFlames Homeschool Team5818 F Female 99 and Under9:06
19Amy HasaleuElk Lake Indians4919 F Female 99 and Under9:09
20Katelyn SomervilleRed House Home School Middle Sch20720 F Female 99 and Under9:29
21Lorelai McGeheeTate Titans25321 F Female 99 and Under9:39
22Hope GarnerSovereign Grace39422 F Female 99 and Under9:48
23Shay SimpsonWest Academy Home School Sports32423 F Female 99 and Under10:05
24Lily Marie RobertsSovereign Grace39524 F Female 99 and Under10:52
25Kendra SimpsonWest Academy Home School Sports32325 F Female 99 and Under11:15
26Emily FanbergSovereign Grace39626 F Female 99 and Under11:26

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Corey WatersChattanooga Patriots451 M Male 99 and Under6:09
2Brody BlantonLake Cumberland Runners1852 M Male 99 and Under6:12
3Jackson DunnTennessee Heat2653 M Male 99 and Under6:30
4Treshawn Hardy-MooreLake Cumberland Runners1884 M Male 99 and Under6:32
5Jacob LiddleLake Cumberland Runners1895 M Male 99 and Under6:44
6Will GullettLake Cumberland Runners1876 M Male 99 and Under6:54
7Devan ReillyAERO Homeschool47 M Male 99 and Under6:59
8Noah BrackneyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1118 M Male 99 and Under7:04
9Colby RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1179 M Male 99 and Under7:11
10Lane DoddChattanooga Patriots4210 M Male 99 and Under7:18
11Aubrey MessickFlames Homeschool Team5611 M Male 99 and Under7:18
12Cole HendricksKonos Academy16912 M Male 99 and Under7:18
13Ethan BraegelmannLake Cumberland Runners18613 M Male 99 and Under7:20
14Parks WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12214 M Male 99 and Under7:24
15Gabe HendriksWest Academy Home School Sports31915 M Male 99 and Under7:27
16Nicholas RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo11816 M Male 99 and Under7:28
17Zachary RichardsonTennessee Heat26617 M Male 99 and Under7:29
18Paul Scott OsbornFlames Homeschool Team5918 M Male 99 and Under7:30
19Jayson TippensTennessee Heat26719 M Male 99 and Under7:40
20Finley MaxwellKonos Academy17020 M Male 99 and Under7:45
21Brady SmithWest Academy Home School Sports32521 M Male 99 and Under7:45
22Matthew PaddockFlames Homeschool Team6022 M Male 99 and Under7:50
23Weston PittsTate Titans25423 M Male 99 and Under7:50
24Joseph CoykendallKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo11424 M Male 99 and Under8:18
25Will HendriksWest Academy Home School Sports32025 M Male 99 and Under8:51
26David LinBluegrass United2226 M Male 99 and Under8:54
27Trevor JohnsonSovereign Grace39327 M Male 99 and Under8:55
28Aidan CookTennessee Heat26428 M Male 99 and Under9:12
29Connor CookKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo11229 M Male 99 and Under9:21
30Zar PoskevichWest Academy Home School Sports32230 M Male 99 and Under9:56
31Ramsey MessickFlames Homeschool Team5731 M Male 99 and Under10:11

Middle School 5-8 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Savannah RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1381 F Female 99 and Under12:55
2Sadie RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1372 F Female 99 and Under13:26
3Evan WelchWhite Co. Middle School3503 F Female 99 and Under13:26
4Chloe SwickKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1414 F Female 99 and Under13:31
5Esther McfallKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1355 F Female 99 and Under13:40
6Maya ReillyAERO Homeschool56 F Female 99 and Under13:46
7Emma HodsonKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1317 F Female 99 and Under13:48
8Emily LiddleLake Cumberland Runners1928 F Female 99 and Under13:57
9Emily SchulzNewroc Rockets1969 F Female 99 and Under14:28
10Clara EarleyAERO Homeschool210 F Female 99 and Under14:29
11Ruth GiblinAERO Homeschool311 F Female 99 and Under14:33
12Riley PhillipsHome School Athletic Association9112 F Female 99 and Under14:41
13Kyrie HallSovereign Grace Middle School23513 F Female 99 and Under14:52
14Faith CookeKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12714 F Female 99 and Under15:20
15Erin BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports32615 F Female 99 and Under15:20
16Emma CoykendallKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12916 F Female 99 and Under15:21
17Rebekah JonesSovereign Grace Middle School23817 F Female 99 and Under15:22
18Ada WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14518 F Female 99 and Under15:58
19Kate JohnsonSovereign Grace Middle School23719 F Female 99 and Under15:59
20Zena DorrisSovereign Grace Middle School23020 F Female 99 and Under16:01
21Madison SomervilleRed House Home School Middle Sch20821 F Female 99 and Under16:04
22Ava Wren HolidaySovereign Grace Middle School23622 F Female 99 and Under16:05
23Reina Daniel35223 F Female 99 and Under16:09
24Sydney GoolsbyTennessee Heat27124 F Female 99 and Under16:25
25Terah ThomasKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14325 F Female 99 and Under16:27
26Grace St. JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo13326 F Female 99 and Under16:37
27Charity RagsdaleTate Titans26127 F Female 99 and Under16:44
28Kenzie BraegelmannLake Cumberland Runners19128 F Female 99 and Under17:11
29Kiersten SchwabKonos Academy17329 F Female 99 and Under17:19
30Savannah RichardsonTennessee Heat27630 F Female 99 and Under17:23
31Sydney AslanSovereign Grace Middle School22831 F Female 99 and Under17:26
32Zola DorrisSovereign Grace Middle School23132 F Female 99 and Under17:47
33Faith St. JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo13233 F Female 99 and Under18:22
34Annabelle RichardsonTennessee Heat27534 F Female 99 and Under18:23
35Sara NakamotoWest Academy Home School Sports33435 F Female 99 and Under18:26
36Elizabeth PetrucciKonos Academy17236 F Female 99 and Under18:29
37Elizabeth McKeebySovereign Grace Middle School24437 F Female 99 and Under18:30
38Hannah GarnerSovereign Grace Middle School23338 F Female 99 and Under19:33
39Julie HendricksTupelo Spartans30039 F Female 99 and Under21:16
40Callie MessickFlames Homeschool Team6340 F Female 99 and Under21:21
41Kaitlin McKinneySovereign Grace Middle School24541 F Female 99 and Under21:21
42Genevieve MichaelSovereign Grace Middle School24642 F Female 99 and Under23:46
43Claire McKeebySovereign Grace Middle School24343 F Female 99 and Under24:02
44Mollie MessickFlames Homeschool Team6444 F Female 99 and Under24:11
45Shayla GreerTennessee Heat27245 F Female 99 and Under24:32

Middle School 5-8 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Andrew SchultzKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1401 M Male 99 and Under11:55
2Carter RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1362 M Male 99 and Under12:11
3Carson GoodeRiverside Christian Academy2093 M Male 99 and Under12:24
4Zimri KuhnKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1344 M Male 99 and Under12:31
5Seth BraggNorth Trails1955 M Male 99 and Under12:44
6Jonathon BrackneyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1246 M Male 99 and Under12:44
7Micah BraggNorth Trails1947 M Male 99 and Under12:45
8Peter MahoneyAugusta Eagles CC138 M Male 99 and Under12:54
9Jake SturtevantNorth Trails1979 M Male 99 and Under13:05
10Caleb CookKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12610 M Male 99 and Under13:08
11Spencer LibbyWest Academy Home School Sports33211 M Male 99 and Under13:09
12Jack HamiltonTupelo Spartans29012 M Male 99 and Under13:31
13Grady WilliamsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14413 M Male 99 and Under13:35
14Caleb LemleyRiverside Christian Academy21014 M Male 99 and Under13:36
15Maverick MangrumTennessee Heat27315 M Male 99 and Under13:39
16Isaac BraegelmannLake Cumberland Runners19016 M Male 99 and Under13:40
17Jacob SmartTennessee Heat27817 M Male 99 and Under13:51
18Miles ButlerAERO Homeschool118 M Male 99 and Under13:55
19Gabriel RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo13919 M Male 99 and Under13:57
20Daniel SmithWest Academy Home School Sports33520 M Male 99 and Under14:10
21Sam JohnsonTupelo Spartans29221 M Male 99 and Under14:39
22Paul CookeKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12822 M Male 99 and Under14:46
23Grant HoustonTate Titans25623 M Male 99 and Under14:52
24Jonathan VickersTate Titans26324 M Male 99 and Under14:53
25Noah BurtonWest Academy Home School Sports32725 M Male 99 and Under14:57
26Drew KavliWest Academy Home School Sports33126 M Male 99 and Under15:06
27Joshua BrackneyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo12527 M Male 99 and Under15:08
28Mathew McGuireSovereign Grace Middle School24228 M Male 99 and Under15:11
29Jonathan StonehockerAugusta Eagles CC1429 M Male 99 and Under15:27
30Jason GlaskoxTennessee Heat26930 M Male 99 and Under15:29
31Brycen BisknerSovereign Grace Middle School22931 M Male 99 and Under15:30
32Andrew VillarsKonos Academy17432 M Male 99 and Under15:38
33Luke HendricksWest Academy Home School Sports32933 M Male 99 and Under15:40
34David PaddonTennessee Heat27434 M Male 99 and Under15:44
35Peter JaraFlames Homeschool Team6235 M Male 99 and Under15:46
36Jeb HamiltonTupelo Spartans29136 M Male 99 and Under15:49
37Chance DavisTennessee Heat26837 M Male 99 and Under15:50
38Simeon SwickKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14238 M Male 99 and Under15:57
39Zachary RobertsSovereign Grace Middle School24839 M Male 99 and Under16:00
40Michael HasaleuElk Lake Indians5040 M Male 99 and Under16:13
41Benjamin LinBluegrass United2141 M Male 99 and Under17:03
42Mason PittsTate Titans26042 M Male 99 and Under17:18
43Daniel McGuireSovereign Grace Middle School24143 M Male 99 and Under17:26
44Benton AslanSovereign Grace Middle School22744 M Male 99 and Under17:27
45Oliver GreerSovereign Grace Middle School23445 M Male 99 and Under17:27
46Grant GibsonFlames Homeschool Team6146 M Male 99 and Under17:42
47Drake KavliWest Academy Home School Sports33047 M Male 99 and Under17:44
48Andrew MahoneyAugusta Eagles CC1248 M Male 99 and Under17:47
49Ross ScottTennessee Heat27749 M Male 99 and Under17:48
50Avery GoolsbyTennessee Heat27050 M Male 99 and Under17:59
51Joshua RobertsSovereign Grace Middle School24751 M Male 99 and Under18:56
52Wesley IsaacksTate Titans25752 M Male 99 and Under19:58
53Ryan MetcalfWest Academy Home School Sports33353 M Male 99 and Under20:06
54Logan FanbergSovereign Grace Middle School23254 M Male 99 and Under20:15
55Jonathon YostKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14655 M Male 99 and Under21:19
56Ian VeasmanWest Academy Home School Sports33656 M Male 99 and Under29:51
57Andrew HasleyWest Academy Home School Sports32857 M Male 99 and Under43:22

High School 9-12 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Ashlyn LiddleBluegrass United271 F Female 99 and Under19:33
2Lydia CookeKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1502 F Female 99 and Under19:35
3Leah JohnsonHattiesburg Forerunners723 F Female 99 and Under20:10
4Bella HamiltonTupelo Spartans2974 F Female 99 and Under20:54
5Alyssa RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1545 F Female 99 and Under21:15
6Micah RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1586 F Female 99 and Under21:35
7Ainsley YoungTupelo Spartans3127 F Female 99 and Under21:45
8Tabitha JohnsonHattiesburg Forerunners738 F Female 99 and Under21:53
9Dahlia SvobodaBluegrass United409 F Female 99 and Under22:15
10Ally DavisHattiesburg Forerunners6510 F Female 99 and Under22:17
11Jessica SandfossBluegrass United3811 F Female 99 and Under23:17
12Emily CarltonKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14912 F Female 99 and Under23:24
13Makenna ReillyAERO Homeschool613 F Female 99 and Under23:46
14Katie Skelly35714 F Female 99 and Under23:48
15Abby MillsHattiesburg Forerunners7815 F Female 99 and Under23:59
16Anna Dodson35416 F Female 99 and Under24:21
17Lydia ThomasSovereign Grace22317 F Female 99 and Under24:30
18Allison DerengowskiNorth Trails20218 F Female 99 and Under24:31
19Abigail RankBluegrass United3519 F Female 99 and Under24:36
20Trinity McSwainHattiesburg Forerunners7720 F Female 99 and Under24:42
21Danielle MahoneyAugusta Eagles CC1521 F Female 99 and Under24:46
22Katherine MahoneyAugusta Eagles CC1622 F Female 99 and Under24:54
23Abi ShoresTennessee Heat28423 F Female 99 and Under25:04
24Rose YanceyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16524 F Female 99 and Under25:10
25Lizzy DavisHattiesburg Forerunners6625 F Female 99 and Under25:20
26Leah JohnsonTupelo Spartans30226 F Female 99 and Under25:23
27Alicia LemleyRiverside Christian Academy21127 F Female 99 and Under25:29
28Maddie MazzantiTennessee Heat28228 F Female 99 and Under25:32
29Emori SparkmanHattiesburg Forerunners8529 F Female 99 and Under25:35
30Avery BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports33730 F Female 99 and Under25:40
31Emma JonesTupelo Spartans30331 F Female 99 and Under25:44
32Lindsey Grace GarnerSovereign Grace21432 F Female 99 and Under25:51
33Lydia RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15733 F Female 99 and Under26:28
34Sarah PetrucciKonos Academy17734 F Female 99 and Under26:35
35Kendall YoungTupelo Spartans31335 F Female 99 and Under26:40
36Keilah RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15636 F Female 99 and Under26:51
37Sarah OrtizBluegrass United3337 F Female 99 and Under26:52
38Anna OrtizBluegrass United3038 F Female 99 and Under27:01
39Klay MillsHattiesburg Forerunners7939 F Female 99 and Under27:05
40Margaret TantSovereign Grace22240 F Female 99 and Under27:06
41Anastasia JacobsBluegrass United2641 F Female 99 and Under27:07
42Emily EllisKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15242 F Female 99 and Under27:11
43Molly ChunnTupelo Spartans29643 F Female 99 and Under27:16
44Caroline NicholsAugusta Eagles CC1944 F Female 99 and Under27:18
45Gracie BetsillKonos Academy17545 F Female 99 and Under27:30
46Holly BarfieldTennessee Heat27946 F Female 99 and Under27:49
47Emily MetcalfWest Academy Home School Sports34347 F Female 99 and Under28:07
48Anna Grace GibsonHattiesburg Forerunners6948 F Female 99 and Under28:47
49Emma OrtizBluegrass United3249 F Female 99 and Under29:02
50Salem PlaagKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15350 F Female 99 and Under29:09
51Emily HarperBluegrass United2451 F Female 99 and Under29:19
52Anna NakamotoWest Academy Home School Sports34552 F Female 99 and Under30:35
53Lydia BurtonWest Academy Home School Sports33953 F Female 99 and Under31:22
54Kassidy ColemanHome School Athletic Association9254 F Female 99 and Under31:42
55Natalie ModeAugusta Eagles CC1855 F Female 99 and Under34:46

High School 9-12 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Jonathan JenkinsNewroc Rockets2041 M Male 99 and Under17:07
2Braden HardyTupelo Spartans2992 M Male 99 and Under17:30
3Jedaiah RuhlFire533 M Male 99 and Under17:44
4Macain ChunnTupelo Spartans2944 M Male 99 and Under17:45
5Michael SheetsHome School Union995 M Male 99 and Under17:47
6Jordan ThomasKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo1626 M Male 99 and Under17:49
7Tamerat DozierAggieland Homeschool77 M Male 99 and Under17:49
8Jarin BaileyHome School Union938 M Male 99 and Under17:54
9Elias VeddersSovereign Grace2269 M Male 99 and Under17:56
10Colter JonasHome School Union9410 M Male 99 and Under18:00
11Einar TrosdalSovereign Grace22511 M Male 99 and Under18:02
12Jonathan SchulzNewroc Rockets20512 M Male 99 and Under18:08
13Drew BurtonWest Academy Home School Sports33813 M Male 99 and Under18:16
14Simeon Michelson35614 M Male 99 and Under18:35
15Ioybed AbebeSovereign Grace21215 M Male 99 and Under18:35
16Dj RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15516 M Male 99 and Under18:39
17Eli BaldyKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo14717 M Male 99 and Under18:49
18Emery JonasHome School Union9518 M Male 99 and Under18:54
19Fletcher JonasHome School Union9619 M Male 99 and Under18:57
20Greyden JonasHome School Union9720 M Male 99 and Under18:58
21Josh RuhlFire5421 M Male 99 and Under19:01
22Henry NoelFire5122 M Male 99 and Under19:02
23Gideon RuhlFire5223 M Male 99 and Under19:05
24Andrew SmartTennessee Heat28624 M Male 99 and Under19:07
25James MaGuirkSovereign Grace21925 M Male 99 and Under19:12
26Mark ChunnTupelo Spartans29526 M Male 99 and Under19:15
27Elijah BraggNorth Trails19927 M Male 99 and Under19:22
28Tom DerengowskiNorth Trails20328 M Male 99 and Under19:29
29Elijah BrownTupelo Spartans29329 M Male 99 and Under19:37
30Micah CrollNorth Trails20130 M Male 99 and Under19:38
31Harry RichardsonHattiesburg Forerunners8331 M Male 99 and Under19:38
32Josh GastonSovereign Grace21632 M Male 99 and Under19:42
33Clay JohnsonTupelo Spartans30133 M Male 99 and Under19:42
34Christian TrosdalSovereign Grace22434 M Male 99 and Under19:44
35Seth SturtevantNorth Trails20635 M Male 99 and Under19:45
36Caleb ReamsBluegrass United3636 M Male 99 and Under19:57
37Nathan RobertsSovereign Grace22137 M Male 99 and Under20:06
38John Hudson35538 M Male 99 and Under20:09
39Jeff OsbournBluegrass United3439 M Male 99 and Under20:09
40Jacob Wiggins35840 M Male 99 and Under20:14
41Max GarnerSovereign Grace21541 M Male 99 and Under20:16
42Isaiah BraggNorth Trails20042 M Male 99 and Under20:22
43Daniel SilvernailTennessee Heat28543 M Male 99 and Under20:26
44Zyler ZiebolKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16644 M Male 99 and Under20:31
45T.j SvobodaBluegrass United4145 M Male 99 and Under20:31
46Brandon NewellTupelo Spartans30746 M Male 99 and Under20:42
47Isaac HubbardSovereign Grace21847 M Male 99 and Under20:45
48Ben KilloughTupelo Spartans30448 M Male 99 and Under20:51
49Jackson SmithHattiesburg Forerunners8449 M Male 99 and Under20:52
50Zachary BrittSovereign Grace21350 M Male 99 and Under20:56
51Scott LibbyWest Academy Home School Sports34051 M Male 99 and Under21:01
52Sam RobertsonTupelo Spartans31052 M Male 99 and Under21:17
53Schwab NikoKonos Academy17653 M Male 99 and Under21:28
54Paul WarrenKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16354 M Male 99 and Under21:30
55Samuel McGaheyWest Academy Home School Sports34155 M Male 99 and Under21:31
56Jonathan O'sheaHome School Union9856 M Male 99 and Under21:34
57Jesse HamiltonTupelo Spartans29857 M Male 99 and Under21:40
58Chase LoweryHattiesburg Forerunners7458 M Male 99 and Under21:43
59Jaren PhippsWest Academy Home School Sports34659 M Male 99 and Under21:45
60Andrew DavisKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15160 M Male 99 and Under21:48
61Hudson DurfieldHattiesburg Forerunners6861 M Male 99 and Under21:49
62Caleb GibsonHattiesburg Forerunners7062 M Male 99 and Under21:59
63Andrew LinBluegrass United2863 M Male 99 and Under22:04
64Derek OatesTupelo Spartans30864 M Male 99 and Under22:18
65Simon St.JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16165 M Male 99 and Under22:18
66Elijah St.JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16066 M Male 99 and Under22:52
67Noah PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners8267 M Male 99 and Under22:58
68Gabriel ShuemakerKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo15968 M Male 99 and Under23:13
69Ashton GoolsbyTennessee Heat28169 M Male 99 and Under23:15
70Nathan PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners8170 M Male 99 and Under23:25
71Ethan MetcalfWest Academy Home School Sports34471 M Male 99 and Under23:32
72Joshua PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners8072 M Male 99 and Under23:47
73Garrett WilliamsKnoxville Ambassadors Home Schoo16473 M Male 99 and Under24:13
74Noah LoweryHattiesburg Forerunners7574 M Male 99 and Under24:22
75David TurnerTennessee Heat28775 M Male 99 and Under24:28
76Heath DurfieldHattiesburg Forerunners6776 M Male 99 and Under24:36
77Joshua WilsonHome School Union10077 M Male 99 and Under24:47
78Bryan StapletonBluegrass United3978 M Male 99 and Under24:54
79Samuel ActonNewroc Rockets19879 M Male 99 and Under25:07
80Asa HollidaySovereign Grace21780 M Male 99 and Under25:21
81Zach McGaheyWest Academy Home School Sports34281 M Male 99 and Under25:34
82Matthew LinBluegrass United2982 M Male 99 and Under25:39
83Jonathan HarperBluegrass United2583 M Male 99 and Under25:57
84Jared SandfossBluegrass United3784 M Male 99 and Under26:24
85Walker McGeheeTate Titans26285 M Male 99 and Under26:27
86Wellington McKinneySovereign Grace22086 M Male 99 and Under27:19
87Caleb OrtizBluegrass United3187 M Male 99 and Under27:29
88Noah VeasmanWest Academy Home School Sports34788 M Male 99 and Under29:39