Cross Country Meet Results – 2017

Homeschool National Cross Country Meet
Overall Finish List
November 4, 2017
Results by A Matter of Timing

Lower Elementary K-2 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Ellie RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3091 F Female 99 and Under5:19
2Bella RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3082 F Female 99 and Under5:21
3Kate ODonohuePeregrines4073 F Female 99 and Under5:36
4Darcy BlantonLake Cumberland Runners3584 F Female 99 and Under5:38
5Kinsley HillPeregrines4015 F Female 99 and Under5:45
6Kayla NocusKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3076 F Female 99 and Under5:53
7Eliana SvobodaLake Cumberland Runners3627 F Female 99 and Under5:54
8Mary Elizabeth RagsdaleTate Titans5078 F Female 99 and Under5:57
9Emma CalhounWest Academy Home School Sports5629 F Female 99 and Under5:57
10Millie LinesAugusta Eagles78410 F Female 99 and Under5:58
11Lisa VickersTate Titans50911 F Female 99 and Under6:04
12Elana HallSovereign Grace Middle School47612 F Female 99 and Under6:08
13Abby JohnsonSovereign Grace Middle School47713 F Female 99 and Under6:21
14Amber KortzPeregrines40214 F Female 99 and Under6:29
15Chloe ScharffCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20215 F Female 99 and Under6:30
16Clare Moran20016 F Female 99 and Under6:34
17Jacklynn BaldwinLake Cumberland Runners35717 F Female 99 and Under6:49
18Abigail ArmstrongEXHIBITION83518 F Female 99 and Under7:14
19Bella VickersTate Titans50819 F Female 99 and Under7:38
20Madie WickerWest Academy Home School Sports57520 F Female 99 and Under7:50
21Leahness DavisWest Academy Home School Sports56621 F Female 99 and Under7:51
22Ava PorterCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20122 F Female 99 and Under7:55

Lower Elementary K-2 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Wyatt FrankLake Cumberland Runners3681 M Male 99 and Under4:56
2Isaac WheatcroftCSTHEA Patriots Elementary2152 M Male 99 and Under5:19
3Beau BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports5773 M Male 99 and Under5:20
4Erich HeinzAugusta Eagles7854 M Male 99 and Under5:21
5Finlay EtheridgeCSTHEA Patriots Elementary2075 M Male 99 and Under5:27
6Reid HendricksKonos Academy3566 M Male 99 and Under5:30
7Reilly AlexanderWest Academy Home School Sports5767 M Male 99 and Under5:32
8Josiah D'ArtenayShanan Homeschool Co-op4588 M Male 99 and Under5:42
9Grant WestbrookAugusta Eagles7879 M Male 99 and Under5:44
10Evan LiddleLake Cumberland Runners37210 M Male 99 and Under5:50
11Noah HammWest Academy Home School Sports58411 M Male 99 and Under5:55
12Ian GogginsCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20912 M Male 99 and Under5:57
13Kaden VickersTate Titans52113 M Male 99 and Under6:04
14Evan GogginsCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20814 M Male 99 and Under6:08
15Roman West brookAugusta Eagles78815 M Male 99 and Under6:11
16Ian ODonohuePeregrines42916 M Male 99 and Under6:14
17Caleb PennerShanan Homeschool Co-op46817 M Male 99 and Under6:14
18Valor RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary32018 M Male 99 and Under6:21
19Wills MichelsonShanan Homeschool Co-op46719 M Male 99 and Under6:39
20Evan DavisLake Cumberland Runners36520 M Male 99 and Under6:41
21Joseph MadillWest Academy Home School Sports59121 M Male 99 and Under6:48
22Will SomervilleWest Academy Home School Sports60022 M Male 99 and Under7:05
23Joshua HammWest Academy Home School Sports58323 M Male 99 and Under7:06

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Micaiah RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3101 F Female 99 and Under6:08
2Eliza PfarrStateline Home School Eagles4882 F Female 99 and Under6:18
3Irelan FenderKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3063 F Female 99 and Under6:25
4Sophie WrightCSTHEA Patriots Elementary2054 F Female 99 and Under6:44
5Evelyn GullettLake Cumberland Runners3595 F Female 99 and Under6:55
6Sydney EtheridgeCSTHEA Patriots Elementary1986 F Female 99 and Under6:59
7Abigail KeenerCSTHEA Patriots Elementary1997 F Female 99 and Under7:07
8Talulah WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary3148 F Female 99 and Under7:12
9Leah HeinzAugusta Eagles7679 F Female 99 and Under7:15
10Jamie HammWest Academy Home School Sports56710 F Female 99 and Under7:17
11Morgan WilliamsKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31211 F Female 99 and Under7:18
12Savannah RichardsonTennessee Heat52212 F Female 99 and Under7:19
13Julia ThomasKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31113 F Female 99 and Under7:27
14Brinlee BradfordRiverside Christian Academy High43714 F Female 99 and Under7:29
15Delia WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31315 F Female 99 and Under7:37
16Alyssa FrostHattiesburg Forerunners27716 F Female 99 and Under7:38
17Ellie WrightCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20417 F Female 99 and Under7:55
18Alyssa BrownKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary30518 F Female 99 and Under8:08
19Olyvia StoltzfusShanan Homeschool Co-op45419 F Female 99 and Under8:10
20Lana HesterTupelo Spartans53820 F Female 99 and Under8:12
21Lydia TallentCSTHEA Patriots Elementary20321 F Female 99 and Under8:15
22Jasmine RuckerShanan Homeschool Co-op45322 F Female 99 and Under8:16
23Elizabeth RogersWest Academy Home School Sports57223 F Female 99 and Under8:33
24Julianna HamiltonTupelo Spartans53724 F Female 99 and Under8:35
25Gracie KilloughTupelo Spartans54225 F Female 99 and Under8:44
26Grace StapelmannStateline Home School Eagles49026 F Female 99 and Under8:55
27Hadley MaxwellKonos Academy35327 F Female 99 and Under9:48
28Karas SolisWest Academy Home School Sports57428 F Female 99 and Under10:45

Upper Elementary 3-4 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Brody BlantonLake Cumberland Runners3631 M Male 99 and Under5:55
2Treshawn Hardy-MooreLake Cumberland Runners3702 M Male 99 and Under5:56
3Jacob LiddleLake Cumberland Runners3733 M Male 99 and Under6:01
4Hayden PriddyCSTHEA Patriots Elementary2114 M Male 99 and Under6:05
5Jackson DunnTennessee Heat8005 M Male 99 and Under6:06
6Will GullettLake Cumberland Runners3696 M Male 99 and Under6:12
7Jackson WestbrookAugusta Eagles7897 M Male 99 and Under6:12
8Cole HendricksKonos Academy3558 M Male 99 and Under6:21
9Calvin KirsteatterNorth East Wisconsin Christian H3909 M Male 99 and Under6:21
10Jude TallentCSTHEA Patriots Elementary21410 M Male 99 and Under6:27
11Colby RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31811 M Male 99 and Under6:40
12Brendon OdonohuePeregrines42812 M Male 99 and Under6:43
13Andrew StoltzfusShanan Homeschool Co-op47213 M Male 99 and Under6:43
14Owen JacobsLake Cumberland Runners37114 M Male 99 and Under6:44
15Christopher HeinzAugusta Eagles76815 M Male 99 and Under6:47
16Calvin WallShanan Homeschool Co-op47316 M Male 99 and Under6:50
17Silas PorterCSTHEA Patriots Elementary21017 M Male 99 and Under6:52
18Isaiah KortzPeregrines42318 M Male 99 and Under6:55
19Alexander RuckerShanan Homeschool Co-op47019 M Male 99 and Under6:59
20Parks WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary32120 M Male 99 and Under6:59
21Stephen DoubledayKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31721 M Male 99 and Under7:00
22Wade ScharffCSTHEA Patriots Elementary21322 M Male 99 and Under7:06
23Weston PittsTate Titans51723 M Male 99 and Under7:08
24Nicholas RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31924 M Male 99 and Under7:10
25Aubrey MessickFlames Homeschool Team25825 M Male 99 and Under7:19
26Easton SmithWest Academy Home School Sports59926 M Male 99 and Under7:24
27Connor CookKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31527 M Male 99 and Under7:26
28Will HendriksWest Academy Home School Sports58728 M Male 99 and Under7:29
29Sawyer CookKnoxville Ambassadors Elementary31629 M Male 99 and Under7:34
30Levi ScharffCSTHEA Patriots Elementary21230 M Male 99 and Under7:35
31David StillwellNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38531 M Male 99 and Under7:35
32Elijah KimbroWest Academy Home School Sports58832 M Male 99 and Under7:36
33McKinley ZimmermanShanan Homeschool Co-op47433 M Male 99 and Under7:37
34Solomon ForiestShanan Homeschool Co-op46034 M Male 99 and Under7:41
35Kias DavisWest Academy Home School Sports58135 M Male 99 and Under7:45
36Tucker WalkerRiverside Christian Academy High45036 M Male 99 and Under7:54
37Witt HuffmanTate Titans51337 M Male 99 and Under8:15
38Jonathan MadillWest Academy Home School Sports59038 M Male 99 and Under8:17
39Clark HoustonTate Titans51139 M Male 99 and Under8:22
40Grayson LinesAugusta Eagles76940 M Male 99 and Under8:33
41Matthew RowanAugusta Eagles77241 M Male 99 and Under8:37
42Braeden LinesAugusta Eagles77142 M Male 99 and Under8:38
43Aidan CookTennessee Heat52843 M Male 99 and Under8:46
44River HallWest Academy Home School Sports58244 M Male 99 and Under9:09
45Isaiah KossNorth East Wisconsin Christian H39245 M Male 99 and Under9:32
46Benjamin RamseyTupelo Spartans55746 M Male 99 and Under10:07
47Ramsey MessickFlames Homeschool Team25947 M Male 99 and Under12:10

Middle School 5-8 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Hannah FaudiCSTHEA Patriots Middle School2321 F Female 99 and Under12:26
2Madeline WheatcroftCSTHEA Patriots Middle School2402 F Female 99 and Under12:30
3Lindsey ArmstrongEXHIBITION8363 F Female 99 and Under12:31
4Savannah RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc3414 F Female 99 and Under12:37
5Natali FenderKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc3375 F Female 99 and Under12:40
6Lilly DoddCSTHEA Patriots Middle School2316 F Female 99 and Under12:57
7Faith CookeKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc3367 F Female 99 and Under12:59
8Emily LiddleLake Cumberland Runners3618 F Female 99 and Under13:10
9Natalia CelisCSTHEA Patriots Middle School2309 F Female 99 and Under13:11
10Susannah HeinzAugusta Eagles10610 F Female 99 and Under13:14
11Lorna GreenbergStateline Home School Eagles48311 F Female 99 and Under13:28
12Kaleigh PeevyKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc33912 F Female 99 and Under13:37
13Sadie RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34013 F Female 99 and Under13:48
14Logan TullKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34514 F Female 99 and Under14:15
15Mackenzie MayerKonos Academy35415 F Female 99 and Under14:17
16Jana StifflerPeregrines41116 F Female 99 and Under14:44
17Ella WheatcroftCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23917 F Female 99 and Under14:46
18Pauline WeisPeregrines41318 F Female 99 and Under14:51
19Erin BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports56019 F Female 99 and Under14:53
20Terah ThomasKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34420 F Female 99 and Under14:53
21Chloe BaasPeregrines39621 F Female 99 and Under15:08
22Ada WorleyKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34622 F Female 99 and Under15:14
23Lilly TallentCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23723 F Female 99 and Under15:16
24Clara BruckerAugusta Eagles10224 F Female 99 and Under15:30
25Corrie HeinzAugusta Eagles10425 F Female 99 and Under15:34
26Olivia MoranCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23526 F Female 99 and Under15:36
27Isabelle PorterCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23627 F Female 99 and Under15:36
28Sara NakamotoWest Academy Home School Sports56928 F Female 99 and Under16:03
29Grace St. JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34329 F Female 99 and Under16:15
30Encara DavisWest Academy Home School Sports56530 F Female 99 and Under16:22
31Emori SparkmanHattiesburg Forerunners28631 F Female 99 and Under16:23
32Aubri SparkmanHattiesburg Forerunners28532 F Female 99 and Under16:27
33Emma HowellRiverside Christian Academy High43933 F Female 99 and Under16:29
34Madison SomervilleRed House Home School Middle Sch43434 F Female 99 and Under16:31
35Julia Kate HuffmanTate Titans50535 F Female 99 and Under16:39
36Anna MichelsonShanan Homeschool Co-op45136 F Female 99 and Under16:41
37Hannah StaplemannStateline Home School Eagles49137 F Female 99 and Under16:42
38Charity RagsdaleTate Titans50638 F Female 99 and Under16:49
39Addison CarpenterTate Titans50339 F Female 99 and Under16:52
40Kenna HillPeregrines40040 F Female 99 and Under16:55
41Ansley WatersCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23841 F Female 99 and Under17:10
42Faith St. JohnKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34242 F Female 99 and Under17:14
43Kerstie WolaverRiverside Christian Academy High44243 F Female 99 and Under18:29
44Rachel BakerRiverside Christian Academy High43644 F Female 99 and Under18:35
45Elizabeth HoustonTate Titans50445 F Female 99 and Under19:21
46Annie RogersWest Academy Home School Sports57146 F Female 99 and Under19:27
47Quincy HrinikCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23447 F Female 99 and Under19:30
48Caroline GoggansCSTHEA Patriots Middle School23348 F Female 99 and Under20:07
49Callie MessickFlames Homeschool Team25349 F Female 99 and Under20:23
50Ella FroningKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc33850 F Female 99 and Under21:50
51Paige CalhounWest Academy Home School Sports56351 F Female 99 and Under22:31

Middle School 5-8 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Enoch Kwizera-ShoemakerCHAP Chariots1801 M Male 99 and Under11:27
2Daniel ThomasCHAP Chariots1862 M Male 99 and Under11:49
3Noah CarpenterTate Titans5103 M Male 99 and Under11:50
4Warren ShepherdAugusta Eagles1204 M Male 99 and Under11:55
5Maverick MangrumTennessee Heat5315 M Male 99 and Under11:55
6Cory MattoxCSTHEA Patriots Middle School2476 M Male 99 and Under12:19
7Izzy BieberStateline Home School Eagles4927 M Male 99 and Under12:25
8Spencer LibbyWest Academy Home School Sports5898 M Male 99 and Under12:29
9Isaac KortzPeregrines4229 M Male 99 and Under12:31
10Gideon RuhlCary Home Educators15210 M Male 99 and Under12:36
11Jacob HausteinCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24411 M Male 99 and Under12:36
12Daniel SmithWest Academy Home School Sports59812 M Male 99 and Under12:36
13Gabriel RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34913 M Male 99 and Under12:39
14Dawson ParksCHAP Chariots18414 M Male 99 and Under12:40
15Hank MunsonChippewa Valley19615 M Male 99 and Under12:40
16Ethan HillPeregrines41916 M Male 99 and Under12:46
17Ian EtheridgeCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24217 M Male 99 and Under12:49
18Luke DouglasCary Home Educators14518 M Male 99 and Under12:52
19Noah StaplemannStateline Home School Eagles49919 M Male 99 and Under13:01
20Grady WilliamsKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc35120 M Male 99 and Under13:03
21Liam KuhlmannCHAP Chariots17921 M Male 99 and Under13:04
22Isaac WilliamsAugusta Eagles12222 M Male 99 and Under13:08
23Jacob SmartTennessee Heat53323 M Male 99 and Under13:08
24Eli NormanTennessee Heat53224 M Male 99 and Under13:08
25Sean GoggansCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24325 M Male 99 and Under13:14
26Garrett McfarlanePeregrines42426 M Male 99 and Under13:14
27Josh DouglasCary Home Educators14427 M Male 99 and Under13:14
28RJ ToddLake Cumberland Runners37528 M Male 99 and Under13:21
29Patrick RowanAugusta Eagles11829 M Male 99 and Under13:22
30Landon ThomasFlames Homeschool Team26030 M Male 99 and Under13:27
31Jason GlaskoxTennessee Heat52931 M Male 99 and Under13:33
32Asher MoonenCary Home Educators14832 M Male 99 and Under13:34
33Charlie WrightCSTHEA Patriots Middle School25233 M Male 99 and Under13:37
34Connor O'donohuePeregrines43034 M Male 99 and Under13:38
35Caleb LemleyRiverside Christian Academy High44835 M Male 99 and Under13:39
36Aaron CherryCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24136 M Male 99 and Under13:40
37Avian HallSovereign Grace Middle School47937 M Male 99 and Under13:51
38Jacob JohnsonCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24638 M Male 99 and Under13:52
39Noah BurtonWest Academy Home School Sports58039 M Male 99 and Under14:03
40Andrew RuckerShanan Homeschool Co-op47140 M Male 99 and Under14:06
41Corey WatersCSTHEA Patriots Middle School25141 M Male 99 and Under14:15
42Sam JohnsonTupelo Spartans55142 M Male 99 and Under14:16
43Avery MixonCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24843 M Male 99 and Under14:18
44Jeremiah WolfeCary Home Educators16144 M Male 99 and Under14:23
45Baden TullKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc35045 M Male 99 and Under14:24
46Trevor JohnsonSovereign Grace Middle School48046 M Male 99 and Under14:28
47Jeb HamiltonTupelo Spartans54947 M Male 99 and Under14:30
48Arrow RuhlCary Home Educators15148 M Male 99 and Under14:31
49Chandler LinesAugusta Eagles11449 M Male 99 and Under14:34
50Samuel BroadyLake Cumberland Runners36450 M Male 99 and Under14:56
51Jonas NoelCary Home Educators15051 M Male 99 and Under15:00
52Cooper PittsTate Titans51552 M Male 99 and Under15:02
53Noah MerrellShanan Homeschool Co-op46453 M Male 99 and Under15:18
54Cashion ButlerRiverside Christian Academy High44554 M Male 99 and Under15:20
55Kemp McArthurRed House Home School Middle Sch43555 M Male 99 and Under15:23
56Grant HoustonTate Titans51256 M Male 99 and Under15:52
57Ryan MetcalfWest Academy Home School Sports59557 M Male 99 and Under15:55
58Luke HendricksWest Academy Home School Sports58658 M Male 99 and Under15:58
59Brady SmithWest Academy Home School Sports59759 M Male 99 and Under16:03
60Benton AslanSovereign Grace Middle School47860 M Male 99 and Under16:12
61Asa HesterTupelo Spartans55061 M Male 99 and Under16:17
62Andrew MahoneyAugusta Eagles11562 M Male 99 and Under16:31
63Joey TallentCSTHEA Patriots Middle School25063 M Male 99 and Under16:44
64Ethan CookKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34764 M Male 99 and Under16:47
65Timothy JohnsonShanan Homeschool Co-op46165 M Male 99 and Under16:52
66Micah MartinezShanan Homeschool Co-op46366 M Male 99 and Under17:09
67Elijah d'ArtenayShanan Homeschool Co-op45767 M Male 99 and Under17:09
68Garrett PennerShanan Homeschool Co-op46968 M Male 99 and Under17:12
69Mason PittsTate Titans51669 M Male 99 and Under17:18
70Caleb DoubledayKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc34870 M Male 99 and Under17:21
71Andrew BuckRiverside Christian Academy High44471 M Male 99 and Under17:28
72Jonathan YostKnoxville Ambassadors Middle Sc35272 M Male 99 and Under17:37
73Jonathan VickersTate Titans51973 M Male 99 and Under17:50
74David VickersTate Titans51874 M Male 99 and Under17:52
75Xavier HrinikCSTHEA Patriots Middle School24575 M Male 99 and Under18:30
76Isaiah GuptonTennessee Heat53076 M Male 99 and Under18:49
77Knox GencoFlames Homeschool Team25677 M Male 99 and Under19:07
78Trentyn HayesRiverside Christian Academy High44778 M Male 99 and Under19:25
79Ian DavisLake Cumberland Runners36679 M Male 99 and Under19:28
80Wyatt MuckinghauptAugusta Eagles11780 M Male 99 and Under20:07
81Wesley IsaacksTate Titans51481 M Male 99 and Under21:18
82Will SwinfordRiverside Christian Academy High44982 M Male 99 and Under24:42
83George MunsonChippewa Valley19583 M Male 99 and Under1:35:03

High School 9-12 (Female Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Ashlyn LiddleBluegrass United1261 F Female 99 and Under19:08
2Havilah PfarrStateline Home School Eagles4892 F Female 99 and Under19:59
3Kathryn VradenburghCSTHEA Patriots High School2203 F Female 99 and Under20:22
4Annika ShoemakerCHAP Chariots1694 F Female 99 and Under20:36
5Larisa DeMassCHAP Chariots1655 F Female 99 and Under20:46
6Anna KortzPeregrines4036 F Female 99 and Under21:04
7Lydia CookeKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo9897 F Female 99 and Under21:09
8Reagan MajchrzakPeregrines4058 F Female 99 and Under21:23
9Anna HamiltonForsyth Home Educators2639 F Female 99 and Under21:34
10Bella HamiltonTupelo Spartans53510 F Female 99 and Under21:34
11Sophia ShoemakerCHAP Chariots17011 F Female 99 and Under21:40
12Elizabeth KortzPeregrines40412 F Female 99 and Under21:53
13Haddie GrinvaldsStateline Home School Eagles48613 F Female 99 and Under22:21
14Taylar WhiteForsyth Home Educators26714 F Female 99 and Under22:24
15Ally DavisHattiesburg Forerunners27515 F Female 99 and Under22:28
16Ashleigh BlomPeregrines39716 F Female 99 and Under22:34
17Lydia GreenbergStateline Home School Eagles48417 F Female 99 and Under22:39
18Margaret DelaneyNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38418 F Female 99 and Under22:55
19Emily BartleStateline Home School Eagles48119 F Female 99 and Under22:59
20Hillary KuhlmannCHAP Chariots16620 F Female 99 and Under23:01
21Alyssa RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo99121 F Female 99 and Under23:05
22Molly VanderweyCHAP Chariots17322 F Female 99 and Under23:16
23Sophie BuckRiverside Christian Academy High43823 F Female 99 and Under23:21
24Isabelle PostPeregrines40924 F Female 99 and Under23:25
25Hannah SandersTupelo Spartans54425 F Female 99 and Under23:35
26Katie SkellyCincinnati Trailblazers19726 F Female 99 and Under23:39
27Danielle MahoneyAugusta Eagles10727 F Female 99 and Under23:57
28Kathleen WeisPeregrines41228 F Female 99 and Under23:59
29Kayla McLainChippewa Valley19029 F Female 99 and Under24:08
30Natalie MinnaarCHAP Chariots16730 F Female 99 and Under24:13
31Emily BakerCary Home Educators13831 F Female 99 and Under24:14
32Sydney ChandlerForsyth Home Educators26132 F Female 99 and Under24:16
33Ana RoachCSTHEA Patriots High School21933 F Female 99 and Under24:31
34Katherine MahoneyAugusta Eagles10834 F Female 99 and Under24:37
35Sadie RobbChippewa Valley19435 F Female 99 and Under24:39
36Ali TestaCHAP Chariots17236 F Female 99 and Under24:45
37Maggie OttoStateline Home School Eagles48737 F Female 99 and Under24:50
38Madison RaskuNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38738 F Female 99 and Under24:58
39Rachael NimtzCHAP Chariots16839 F Female 99 and Under25:21
40Marybeth KossNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38640 F Female 99 and Under25:23
41Claire TaylorCHAP Chariots17141 F Female 99 and Under25:23
42Kassandra AtkinsBluegrass United12442 F Female 99 and Under25:27
43Gretchen AccolaChippewa Valley18943 F Female 99 and Under25:29
44Leah JohnsonTupelo Spartans54044 F Female 99 and Under25:30
45Alicia LemleyRiverside Christian Academy High44045 F Female 99 and Under25:35
46Jessee SmidForsyth Home Educators26646 F Female 99 and Under25:39
47Kayla MattoxCSTHEA Patriots High School21847 F Female 99 and Under25:46
48Joyce ShepherdAugusta Eagles11048 F Female 99 and Under25:50
49Trinity McSwainHattiesburg Forerunners28149 F Female 99 and Under25:56
50Jasmine ZimmermanPeregrines41550 F Female 99 and Under26:02
51Sarah OrtizBluegrass United12851 F Female 99 and Under26:15
52Avery BarrettWest Academy Home School Sports55952 F Female 99 and Under26:24
53Savannah FruthCSTHEA Patriots High School21653 F Female 99 and Under26:26
54Lauren BoyerStateline Home School Eagles48254 F Female 99 and Under26:27
55Lydia BurtonWest Academy Home School Sports56155 F Female 99 and Under26:29
56Aryn SmidForsyth Home Educators26556 F Female 99 and Under26:31
57Ashleigh ZimmermanPeregrines41457 F Female 99 and Under26:38
58Faith RobbChippewa Valley19358 F Female 99 and Under26:40
59Sophie MunsonChippewa Valley19159 F Female 99 and Under26:41
60Molly ChunnTupelo Spartans53460 F Female 99 and Under26:47
61Emma SchaubCHAP Chariots76661 F Female 99 and Under26:51
62Anna OrtizBluegrass United12762 F Female 99 and Under26:56
63Lizzy DavisHattiesburg Forerunners27663 F Female 99 and Under26:58
64Marissa PolindarPeregrines40864 F Female 99 and Under27:02
65Claire BieberCHAP Chariots16365 F Female 99 and Under27:28
66Abbigail BernhardtNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38366 F Female 99 and Under27:40
67Louisa ShepherdAugusta Eagles11167 F Female 99 and Under28:01
68Emma JonesTupelo Spartans54168 F Female 99 and Under28:17
69Mary Clare LiedelPeregrines39869 F Female 99 and Under28:27
70Liesl HeinzAugusta Eagles10570 F Female 99 and Under28:39
71Natalie McLawhornCary Home Educators14071 F Female 99 and Under28:39
72Emma CarsonCHAP Chariots16472 F Female 99 and Under29:10
73Klay MillsHattiesburg Forerunners28273 F Female 99 and Under29:12
74Hannah BattleAugusta Eagles10174 F Female 99 and Under29:39
75Emily HarperBluegrass United12575 F Female 99 and Under29:41
76Rachel LovinCary Home Educators13976 F Female 99 and Under30:00
77Ella OMalleyWest Academy Home School Sports57077 F Female 99 and Under30:04
78Graylin NocusKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo99078 F Female 99 and Under30:36
79Angeles LopezTupelo Spartans54379 F Female 99 and Under30:43
80Elizabeth HamiltonForsyth Home Educators26480 F Female 99 and Under30:45
81Anna NakamotoWest Academy Home School Sports56881 F Female 99 and Under30:46
82Grace CookeKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo98882 F Female 99 and Under30:49
83Adelle GarnerForsyth Home Educators26283 F Female 99 and Under30:51
84Lana Kate JohnseyTupelo Spartans53984 F Female 99 and Under30:56
85Charlotte MoonenCary Home Educators14185 F Female 99 and Under31:47
86Alexis HrinikCSTHEA Patriots High School21786 F Female 99 and Under31:48
87Cecelia WolfeCary Home Educators14387 F Female 99 and Under31:48
88Ivy MoonenCary Home Educators14288 F Female 99 and Under32:21
89Mollie MessickFlames Homeschool Team25489 F Female 99 and Under38:50

High School 9-12 (Male Finishers)

PlaceNameTeamBib NoAge Group PlaceTotal Time
1Jonathan BoydCSTHEA Patriots High School2221 M Male 99 and Under16:16
2Chase FaudiCSTHEA Patriots High School2242 M Male 99 and Under16:29
3Nathan StoutPeregrines4333 M Male 99 and Under16:47
4Daniel FerranteLIONS3764 M Male 99 and Under16:48
5Nathanael FerranteLIONS3785 M Male 99 and Under16:50
6Andrew SchultzKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo7926 M Male 99 and Under16:51
7Gabriel TardyKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo7947 M Male 99 and Under17:14
8Spencer KirsteatterNorth East Wisconsin Christian H3918 M Male 99 and Under17:25
9Seamus NoonanPeregrines4279 M Male 99 and Under17:31
10Micah McfarlanePeregrines42510 M Male 99 and Under17:32
11Jedaiah RuhlCary Home Educators15311 M Male 99 and Under17:40
12Zac BaasPeregrines41612 M Male 99 and Under17:46
13Macain ChunnTupelo Spartans54713 M Male 99 and Under17:48
14Carter RiveraKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo79014 M Male 99 and Under17:53
15Jarin BaileyHomeschool Union Tommies29815 M Male 99 and Under18:02
16Eli BaldyKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo76416 M Male 99 and Under18:04
17Simeon MichelsonShanan Homeschool Co-op46617 M Male 99 and Under18:06
18William HamiltonForsyth Home Educators27118 M Male 99 and Under18:12
19Jason WagenmakerCHAP Chariots18819 M Male 99 and Under18:13
20Noah WhitacreAugusta Eagles12120 M Male 99 and Under18:13
21Michael SteurerStateline Home School Eagles50121 M Male 99 and Under18:13
22Conrad GreenbergStateline Home School Eagles49522 M Male 99 and Under18:18
23Henry NoelCary Home Educators14923 M Male 99 and Under18:21
24Gabriel SteurerStateline Home School Eagles50024 M Male 99 and Under18:26
25Zimri KuhnKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo77025 M Male 99 and Under18:27
26Dj RobertsKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo79126 M Male 99 and Under18:27
27Emery JonasHomeschool Union Tommies29927 M Male 99 and Under18:29
28Andrew SmartTennessee Heat52728 M Male 99 and Under18:32
29Micah WinnCary Home Educators16029 M Male 99 and Under18:36
30Zachary FaudiCSTHEA Patriots High School22530 M Male 99 and Under18:38
31Bart StillwellNorth East Wisconsin Christian H39531 M Male 99 and Under18:41
32Greyden JonasHomeschool Union Tommies30132 M Male 99 and Under18:43
33Noah MinnaarCHAP Chariots18233 M Male 99 and Under18:43
34Ben SmidForsyth Home Educators27434 M Male 99 and Under18:46
35Jackson WinnCary Home Educators15935 M Male 99 and Under18:46
36Daniel HughesCary Home Educators14736 M Male 99 and Under18:48
37Fletcher JonasHomeschool Union Tommies30037 M Male 99 and Under18:48
38Elijah BrownTupelo Spartans54638 M Male 99 and Under18:50
39Noah PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners29639 M Male 99 and Under18:51
40Noah NunezCHAP Chariots18340 M Male 99 and Under18:51
41Caleb WeathersCary Home Educators15741 M Male 99 and Under19:00
42Theodore HuffmanAugusta Eagles11342 M Male 99 and Under19:01
43Caleb GibsonHattiesburg Forerunners29043 M Male 99 and Under19:02
44Zachary KloosterPeregrines42144 M Male 99 and Under19:06
45Zak MulgrewLIONS38245 M Male 99 and Under19:08
46Zack WeathersCary Home Educators15846 M Male 99 and Under19:09
47John PitonyakWestern Kentucky Trailblazers83847 M Male 99 and Under19:15
48Isaiah GarnerForsyth Home Educators26848 M Male 99 and Under19:19
49T.j SvobodaBluegrass United13749 M Male 99 and Under19:21
50Lewis DegoffauCHAP Chariots17650 M Male 99 and Under19:23
51Conal DelaneyNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38951 M Male 99 and Under19:28
52Joel BoeveStateline Home School Eagles49452 M Male 99 and Under19:28
53Jonathan JansmaPeregrines42053 M Male 99 and Under19:29
54Dietrich HeinzAugusta Eagles11254 M Male 99 and Under19:42
55O'Shea JonathanHomeschool Union Tommies30255 M Male 99 and Under19:47
56Sam BieberStateline Home School Eagles49356 M Male 99 and Under19:47
57Eli MoranCSTHEA Patriots High School22757 M Male 99 and Under19:48
58Sam DevriesPeregrines41758 M Male 99 and Under19:54
59Brandon NewellTupelo Spartans55559 M Male 99 and Under19:56
60Josh RuhlCary Home Educators15460 M Male 99 and Under19:59
61Ben SandersForsyth Home Educators27361 M Male 99 and Under20:00
62Jonathan NewdigerNorth East Wisconsin Christian H39362 M Male 99 and Under20:01
63Peter MahoneyAugusta Eagles11663 M Male 99 and Under20:06
64Carson GoodeRiverside Christian Academy High44664 M Male 99 and Under20:06
65Gabriel GaddieCHAP Chariots17765 M Male 99 and Under20:10
66Matthew FerranteLIONS37766 M Male 99 and Under20:11
67Josiah WolfeCary Home Educators16267 M Male 99 and Under20:21
68Malachi WilliamsAugusta Eagles12368 M Male 99 and Under20:23
69Elijah St.JohnKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo79369 M Male 99 and Under20:23
70Jack RogersNorth East Wisconsin Christian H39470 M Male 99 and Under20:24
71Derek OatesTupelo Spartans55671 M Male 99 and Under20:25
72Caleb ReamsBluegrass United13372 M Male 99 and Under20:28
73Matthew SchoenemannTennessee Heat52573 M Male 99 and Under20:28
74Zyler ZiebolKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo79574 M Male 99 and Under20:32
75Jonathan HombergStateline Home School Eagles49775 M Male 99 and Under20:35
76Mzee RuhlCary Home Educators15576 M Male 99 and Under20:38
77Harry RichardsonHattiesburg Forerunners29777 M Male 99 and Under20:40
78Josiah MasonCHAP Chariots18178 M Male 99 and Under20:42
79James RogersForsyth Home Educators27279 M Male 99 and Under20:46
80Nathan IandoloLIONS38180 M Male 99 and Under20:48
81Chase VegterStateline Home School Eagles50281 M Male 99 and Under20:52
82Elias GreenbergStateline Home School Eagles49682 M Male 99 and Under20:53
83Samuel McGaheyWest Academy Home School Sports59283 M Male 99 and Under20:53
84Isaac SeilerPeregrines43184 M Male 99 and Under21:00
85Jaden ButlerCHAP Chariots17485 M Male 99 and Under21:03
86Joseph CarsonCHAP Chariots17586 M Male 99 and Under21:04
87Nathan BleanNorth East Wisconsin Christian H38887 M Male 99 and Under21:05
88Dylan ThomasCHAP Chariots18788 M Male 99 and Under21:05
89Wilson JoshuaHomeschool Union Tommies30489 M Male 99 and Under21:08
90Jack ShepherdAugusta Eagles11990 M Male 99 and Under21:09
91Jared MimsTupelo Spartans55391 M Male 99 and Under21:16
92Matthew PerkinsWestern Kentucky Trailblazers83792 M Male 99 and Under21:17
93Israel NobelPeregrines42693 M Male 99 and Under21:26
94Ethan MetcalfWest Academy Home School Sports59494 M Male 99 and Under21:26
95Qiao MoellerTupelo Spartans55495 M Male 99 and Under21:27
96Hudson DurfieldHattiesburg Forerunners28996 M Male 99 and Under21:32
97Boston HrinikCSTHEA Patriots High School22697 M Male 99 and Under21:38
98Jaren PhippsWest Academy Home School Sports59698 M Male 99 and Under21:40
99John WatersCSTHEA Patriots High School22999 M Male 99 and Under21:48
100Josiah GordonForsyth Home Educators269100 M Male 99 and Under21:54
101Steven SawyerWestern Kentucky Trailblazers841101 M Male 99 and Under22:00
102Josiah StifflerPeregrines432102 M Male 99 and Under22:01
103Brennan CherryCSTHEA Patriots High School223103 M Male 99 and Under22:02
104Ben StaplemannStateline Home School Eagles498104 M Male 99 and Under22:03
105Anthony HopperLIONS379105 M Male 99 and Under22:10
106Robert PurcellWestern Kentucky Trailblazers839106 M Male 99 and Under22:12
107Vandaveer JoshuaHomeschool Union Tommies303107 M Male 99 and Under22:12
108Joshua PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners294108 M Male 99 and Under22:19
109Tom GregusCary Home Educators146109 M Male 99 and Under22:27
110Gideon ForiestShanan Homeschool Co-op459110 M Male 99 and Under22:47
111Palmer WaldrepCSTHEA Patriots High School228111 M Male 99 and Under22:54
112Jack HamiltonTupelo Spartans548112 M Male 99 and Under22:57
113Zach McGaheyWest Academy Home School Sports593113 M Male 99 and Under23:01
114Thomas HopperLIONS380114 M Male 99 and Under23:05
115Joel MichelsonShanan Homeschool Co-op465115 M Male 99 and Under23:15
116Caleb RamseyTupelo Spartans558116 M Male 99 and Under23:19
117Paul CookeKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo844117 M Male 99 and Under23:26
118Noah LoweryHattiesburg Forerunners292118 M Male 99 and Under23:33
119Henry ScottBluegrass United135119 M Male 99 and Under23:40
120Joshua VickersTate Titans520120 M Male 99 and Under23:53
121Ian BonnerRiverside Christian Academy High443121 M Male 99 and Under23:58
122Blade MartinHattiesburg Forerunners293122 M Male 99 and Under23:58
123Glenn SawyerWestern Kentucky Trailblazers840123 M Male 99 and Under24:21
124Heath DurfieldHattiesburg Forerunners288124 M Male 99 and Under24:25
125David PaddonTennessee Heat524125 M Male 99 and Under24:34
126Ashton BrownShanan Homeschool Co-op456126 M Male 99 and Under24:46
127Coulter DurfieldHattiesburg Forerunners287127 M Male 99 and Under24:52
128Ryan DavisLake Cumberland Runners367128 M Male 99 and Under24:54
129Nathaniel GordonForsyth Home Educators270129 M Male 99 and Under25:26
130Caleb OrtizBluegrass United132130 M Male 99 and Under25:30
131Daniel LaudadioTupelo Spartans552131 M Male 99 and Under25:46
132Noah KeaShanan Homeschool Co-op462132 M Male 99 and Under25:48
133Brockton WeathersCary Home Educators156133 M Male 99 and Under26:13
134Bryan StapletonBluegrass United136134 M Male 99 and Under26:14
135Isaac D'souzaBluegrass United129135 M Male 99 and Under26:15
136Nathan PickeringHattiesburg Forerunners295136 M Male 99 and Under26:34
137Benjamin LinBluegrass United130137 M Male 99 and Under27:05
138Luke BurrellKnoxville Ambassadors High Schoo799138 M Male 99 and Under27:16
139Daniel HasleyWest Academy Home School Sports585139 M Male 99 and Under27:29
140Joseph BrittonTennessee Heat523140 M Male 99 and Under27:36
141Calvin GencoFlames Homeschool Team257141 M Male 99 and Under30:12
142Andrew GencoFlames Homeschool Team255142 M Male 99 and Under31:28