Cross Country

Saturday, November 6, 2021

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The Vision

We found that, in most states, Homeschoolers and small private schools are allowed to participate in sports until it came to end of the season tournaments and Championships.  We set out to change that.  We wanted these athletes to have the opportunity to participate in a big and competitive tournament.  So, in 2016 we created this Championship.  We have seen growth in each of the subsequent years.

The Venue

We are honored to have our course on the Hermitage property.  The Hermitage is the home of our 7th President, Andrew Jackson.  We have four distances on the majestic property that contain both gentle rolling hills and long straight away next to a rustic farm fence.

K-2nd: 3/4 mile loop
3rd-5th: 1 mile loop
Middle School: 2 mile loop
High School:  3.1 mile course

The Hermitage is one of the very few active museums at the home of a former president.  We are excited to partner with them to offer a discount to our race participants and their families.  Students who participate will get free entry into the museum and tour during the Championship weekend.  Any family or friends with a participant will receive a discounted rate.

The Hermitage
4580 Rachel’s Lane
Nashville, TN 37076